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Poll Merinos

In October 2003, Woodyarrup Poll Merino Stud (Poll Flock No. 1318) was established with the purchase of 4 rams and 404 ewes at the Vandez (Poll Flock No. 1094) dispersal sale.

Since then, the balance of emphasis in the Poll stud has been on meat attributes and structure (60% meat: 40% wool), while seeking to maintain the Woodyarrup Merino standard for wool quality.

The Poll program has benefitted from the same Woodyarrup attention to detail, selection pressure, and use of corrective mating, advanced breeding technology and selective infusion of outside genetics.

Over the Vandez/Woodyarrup base, we have successfully used Wallaloo Park Poll sires, used as well as semen from Centre Plus (807300), Hinesville (“Mercenary”), Greenfields (‘Oscar’), and Glenlea Park.




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