The property size is 4251 ha.

We are mating 2300 Merino stud ewes and 650 Poll stud ewes. We then have 1500 commercial ewes. We are currently cropping 2600 ha to wheat as our main cereal, barley, oats and clover.

Pauline and Gavin Dewar purchased Woodyarrup Merino Stud in February 1979.
It has all ways been a broad over view to produce Merino genetics to satisfy the WA Merino industry and environment with genetics being sold to all parts of the Ag region off WA.

In early 1990's a strong decision was to very much focus on improved wool qualities when current Stud Master / principal Craig Dewar returned home from 5 years working on properties in the East while maintaining the attributes Woodyarrup was very well known for. I.e. bone and constitution.

At this point we employed Mr Philip Russell as stud classer and Dr Jim Watts as stud consultant who was followed by Dr Paul Swan. I must acknowledge the in depth work off previous people involved in the building off Woodyarrup.

During these years of the early 1990's we developed a breeding system which is still in place today with changes being made as we believe necessary without taking from our vision.

Woodyarrup Farm
2013 Canola Crop

Woodyarrup Farm
2013 Barley Crop

This system is made up off several components. Some off which are;

  • Continual typing off stud ewes and sires every year
  • Body weighing
  • Fleece weighing
  • Fleece testing
  • Mothering off lambs
  • Artificial Insemination 
  • Embryo transfer 
  • Know developing and working with Sheep Genetics Australia.

Woodyarrup is a major supplier of genetics in Western Australia. In recent year's genetics going to Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, New Zealand and South Africa with outstanding success.

Our main primary focus is to breed a quicker maturing sheep with sound structure and constitution. An animal that carries super soft wool displaying a very deep well defined crimp. We are looking for high fleece weights, though on a plain body easy shearing sheep that easily gets into lamb and hence high weaning percentages.

We are selecting for:

  • High fibre density
  • Longer fibres
  • Evenly sized fibres
  • Cylindrical fibres
  • Rich nourishment
  • Whiteness

In October 2003 we purchased stud poll ewes from the VanDez dispersal sale.

While the poll stud is a new challenge we are very happy with the direction.
We are focussing more on meat attributes, though we are very conscious of meeting today's fleece demands as well. We are prepared to use some out side genetics in Woodyarrup Poll stud where we believe we can acquire a desired attribute we are chasing to meet our vision.

What Sets Us Apart

  • 260 Elite rams at auction(deferred payment options offered by arrangement)
  • Large selection of rams available (600 head) and able to cater for larger orders
  • Dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible returns per hectare for their environment
  • Fine-medium soft handling wool
  • Elite stylish long stapled wool
  • Breeding ewes averaged 20.1 microns and cut an average 8.5kg
  • One to one satisfaction and minimal stress when purchasing rams at AFFORDABLE prices
  • Bone and constitution
  • All rams sold on current tests (no hogget tests)
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Conscious of low micron with high fleece weights that produce high returns per hectare
  • We EARN THE RIGHT to have our client's business
  • Private Selections mid-October

Shearing 2007 Stud Sires




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