Breeders Of Money Making Merinos

The Elite Wool Pioneer

At Woodyarrup we are mindful of producing profitable sheep.
Meat is a big issue, but we urge all wool producers not to lose sight of the hard work and investment that has gone into breeding programs to produce a high quality heavy cutting fleece on a sound structured early maturing sheep.

Remember the industry does need the Merino ewe.
In the long term we do see the Woodyarrup Poll Merino stud as being more meat focused.
We would urge wool producers to work hard on what I believe are strong profit drivers - the use of good genetics, pasture improvement and higher lambing percentages.

Manufacturing Elite Wools

Woodyarrup's elite wool rams carry a fibre package which is ideal for the present day woolgrower. There is softness, a deep, well-defined crimp and elasticity which in turn means staple strength, all highly desirable characteristics that are keenly sought by the processor.
Added to this is remarkable lustre (which means good nourishment throughout the fleece) and fibre bundles, a characteristic of a top quality and well nourished skin.

RAM SALE Tuesday 4th October 2016

Ram sale on Tuesday 4th October 2016 - See Preview Video Above

  • Inspection from 10am and sale commences at 1.00pm.
  • Lamb Burger Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Please download stock list from the side menu link.


2015 Property Ram Sale Preview



2014 On Property Ram Sale Preview