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Woodyarrup Merinos are prepotently heavy cutting, fast growing, plain bodied fine wool Merinos of outstanding wool quality, and which perform with distinction in commercial paddocks, in the show ring, and in across-flock evaluations around Australia.

Success has its price, and our genetic and phenotypic successes reflect decades of patient and well-informed selection, major investment in pedigree and performance recording, and intensive use of advanced breeding technologies (AI and ET).

Building on the productivity foundations of the old Woodyarrup Stud, we have selectively introduced the best outside genetics and correctively mated to maintain and grow the absolute fleece productivity, on much plainer, freely grown bodies. Successful infusions have been achieved by use of Charinga, Gowandale, Leachim and Wallaloo Park Merino sires.

Our breeding records has allowed us to identify several truly outstanding ewes and to intensively breed from these. For example, many of our top sires through the late 1990’s and 2000’s were by an outstanding Charinga-cross stud ewe – she bred major Woodyarrup impact sires 7.10 and 5.90, by different sires, and was the ET granddam of 8.66.

Over the past 5 years, we have been fortunate enough to unearth a freak Merino sire in 120175 – throwing sons and daughters who are bigger, faster growing, heavier cutting and finer than their peers, and his progeny have dominated our reserve selections and on-property auction sales.

Predictably, 120175 sons are breeding well, especially 140149, who has his father’s outstanding length of body and wool cut, but is throwing daughters of great spring of ribs and doing ability, and with a heavier fleece of finer wool.




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